Janus Specials

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JANUS Model Interview Vol.2 £10

Nicola and Priscilla/. Andrea/ Sophie/ Penny/ Soozy


Spanking Compendium 12


A compilation of Februs 37 and Privilege Club 12

Editor's Comment/ Imagination Amplified/ Blind Date/ Secret Lives/ Party Conference/ Moments in C.P. History/ Taken In Hand/ Give Me A Look, Give Me a Face/ The Munch/ The Perfect Match/ Letters/ Fancy That/ CP Verite/ Christina's Diary/ An Edwardian Admonishment/ Promise, Kiss, Command/ Steam Heat/ Spanking in the Movies - I/ Correspondence/ The Land of Just Deserts/ Contacts/ Tail Piece/ Past Privileges


Spanking Compendium 11


A compilation of Februs 32 and Privilege Club 11.

Paula's World/ Time Management/ Kissing Don't Last - Cookery Do!/ Second Post/ The Will Scarlet Interview/ Moments In C.P. History/ Take and Break/ Getting It Taped/ Hidden Assets/ These Things Work Funny/ Letterbox/ Fancy That/ The Land of Just Deserts/ AdvoKate/ Chantal/ Consult Lucy/ CP Verite/ Power Struggle/ Christina's Diary/ Correspondence/ Out of the Closet/ Contacts/ Rear View/ Fancy that a Bit More

(Spanking Compendium 9 also available)


 The Janus Collection- The Hardcastle Edition


A superb review of Hardcastle's illustrious contributions to Janus magazine. This fine artist has been Janus illustrator for many years now and due to the overwhelming amount of letters praising the quality of the drawings we thought it was time this talented artist had a magazine all of his own.


The Janus Collection (with over 100 illustrations(Paula Meadows Special) £10

This fully illustrated magazine is a one-off special edited by our very own Paula Meadows who now is editor of Februs, Janus' sister publication. She goes back over her years as illustrator and model for Janus and picks out her favourite illustrations and photos. This is sure to be a collector's item.

Janus 4 £15

The Lavender Interview- part 2/ Tania's First Caning/ All Those Yesterdays/ A Secret Place/ La Vie Parisienne/ The Tax Man Cometh/ Package Tour Swindle/ Katherina's Secret/ Pain to Pleasure/ Miranda/Letters

JANUS 8 £15

I Did it My Way/ Stephanie and Roberta/ Schoolgirl Shoplifter/ The Day They Made a Caning Movie/ Judicial Replay/ Daughter''s Discipline/ Affair of the Bottom/ Letters


Janus 11 £15

The Major's Duty/The Schooling of Lady Caroline/A Price to Pay/More Genetics At Work/Collector's /Corner Update/Letters


Janus 12 £15

Perennial Detention/Inspector Anderson's Initiation/Personnel Attention/Bottom of the Class Playing with Fire/Sharon's Confession/ A Short Chat with the Maid/Letters



Janus 13 £15

Lesley:Behind Colosed Doors/The Caretaker Strikes Back/The Ever-Flashing Strap/Marjorie Simkins: A Maiden All Forlorn/Whjo's Complaining?/The Estate Agent's Schoolgirl Wife/Letters


Janus 14 £15

A Master and His Maids/The Man With The Golden Rod/Last in Line/The Punishment Book/Thursday/Privevileged Information/Letters


Janus 15 £15

The Man With The Golden Rod/Crime Never Pays/Sweet Little Tina Walker/St. Winifred's/Hooked On Pain/Who'll Be Mother?/Letters



Janus 16 £15

The Wedding/Top Girls With Bottom Marks/ The Treatment/Disciplining Demleza/Four CaseHistories/ The Spanking Miracle/Extended Readers' Letters

JANUS 21 £15

Sweet Music/ Number Twenty Five/ Red Hot Cinders/ A Willing Victim?/ Lesley: A Sound Thrashing/ Letters

JANUS 22 £15

Punishment Ballet/ Mary's First Caning/ Edwardian Episode/ Julie and the Cane/ Head & Tail/ Letters

JANUS 27 £15

The Video Nasty/ New Girl for the Cane Club/ Fat-tie, Fat-tie, Tee-hee, Fat-tie!/ New Term at St. Elia's / In Good Hands/ Angela/ Le CrunchLetters

JANUS 28 £15

Notice To Quit/ Self-Reliance and Discipline/ The Truth Always Hurts/ Pauline/ The Moral Welfare Video/ Cane Ceremony/ Letters

JANUS 36 £15

An English Girl In tthe Middle East/ Skivvy/ The Encounter/ Two Daughters Dealt With/ Up-Market/ Poor Julie!/ Older Woman, Younger Man/ Letters


Janus Classic Reprints 38 £15

Cold Showers and Canings/The Bitch/Whips Incorporated/The Punishment Series/Any Port In A Storm/Poor Julie!/Letters



Janus 40 £15

A Glimpse into 1994/T.L.C./Sea Spirit And Painted Lay/The Other Side of the Tracks/Just One More Tme/The Punishment Series/Counting the Cost/Poor Julie!/Letters



Janus No: 41 £15

Hockey Holigans - Photo fantasy / Caned In Spain, by Jove she got it! / Half Moon, the captain's pleasure / Wicked Ways, set up for CP / The Thin Red Line, punishment by arrangement / Poor Julie!, punishment-prone popsie! / Painted Lady, photo finish / Readers Letters, truly yours.


 Janus No: 42 £15

Behind The Iron Curtains, totalitarian discipline / A Victorian Melodrama, another time, another place - photo fantasy / Tried And Tested, hot tails guaranteed / Supplicant, duty bowed / Permission To Punish, the power behind the rattan / Poor Julie! oh, the shame / A Reader's Fantasy, African militia flavour / The Hand, image-breaking photo essay / Readers Letters, make someone happy..... 


 Janus No: 43 £15

The Moral Welfare State, the salvation of society / Lessons For An Errant Wife, punishment to fit her crime / Sweet Seventeen, girlish dreams / Short Sharp Shock? , the death of discipline / Intent On A Hiding, playtime for adults / Poor Julie! , a perfect shame / The Punishment Series, Elizabeth Davenport / Eulogy To Bottoms, all stings bright and beautiful / Readers Letters,


 Janus No. 44 £15

A Peculiar State Of Affairs, in the kinky business - photo fantasy / Behind High Walls, feminisation program / A Slavegirl Atones, anatomy of a modern marriage / The Voice At The End Of The Line, CP by phone / Penitent Pillion Passenger, punishment on the move - photographics / Poor Julie, a honey of a humiliation / Readers Letters


 Janus No: 45 £15

Behind High Walls (Part Two), further feminisation programming / Wendy's Training, obedience tuition - photo fantasy / Nightmare, a girl's worst fears / The Fresh Lieutenant, pulling rank / Poor Julie! a crying shame / The Punishment Series, interview / Readers' Letters


 Janus No: 47 £15

The Witnesses, justice seen to be done-photo fantasy / Albert Higginson Strikes Back, vengeance of an elderly voyeur / A Painful Choice For Miss Peters, framed and caned / Chance Encounter, punishment premiums / A Gentleman's Pleasures, hot legs / Poor Julie!, hopelessley helpless honeypie / 50's & 60's Photo File, vintage bottoms / Readers' Letters, post marks / The Cult, a christmas treat - art.


 Janus No: 49 £15

No Witnesses: part 1, the doll - photo fantsy / Return To Balcombe Manor, the smart set / Sarah Jane, our newest nubile nymphet / In A Distant Country, vanished world / By Appointment, travelling canesman / Readers' Letters.


Janus No: 50 £15

Daughter In Disgrace, shameful redress -photo fantasy / Paula In New York, transatlantic transgression / Womanly Whippings, scholarly research / Audrey, punished for sex / Sarah Jane, another glimpse / No Witnesses: part 2, private pleasures - photo fantasy / Readers Letters, whipping post.




Janus No: 51 £15.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (black moods/photo fantasy) / Riding Habit (crop in hand) / Discipline In The Harem (spoilt for choice) / All Around The House (photo survey) / Sandy Learns The Hard Way (the poetry of pain) / Lieutenant Rosemary (a wife enslaved) / An Approved Home (kindly punishment) / Readers' Letters.


Janus No: 52 £15.00

Contact Point (self realisation/photo fantasy) / Shop Talk (the price of youth) / The Rumour (no smoke without fire) / Hot Water (spanking wet knickers/photos) / Premier (another convert) / Readers' Letters.

    Janus No: 53 £15.00
CP Tease (deliberately provoking punishment/photo fantasy) / A Tale Of Two Sisters (full of north-eastern promise) / Belinda (the start of something big/photo tease) / Readers' Letters.


Janus No: 54 £15.00

The Perfectionists (heavenly bodies) / Mister X (corrective overlord/photo fantasy) / Living In The Past (looking back at now) / The Punishment Series (Andrea) / Readers' Letters.


Janus No: 55 £15

Belinda's Test (suffering subsitute/photo fantasy) / The Perfectionist - part two (the final statement) / Tinderella (fairytale floggings) / What's In A Name? (a most unfortunate incident) / Janus Classics (moral Welfare) Readers' Letters (glowing reports).



Janus No: 56 £15

Belinda's Ordeal (drilled to a turn) / Artistic Temeraments (victorian honour) / Garage Hand (black marks for yvette/photographic evidence) / Bareback Girls (circus training) / Woman In Need (a nice decree) / Readers' Letters (colour submissions).


Janus No: 57 £15

'Report To The WCO!' (punishment gymnastics/photography) / The Understanding (she agrees to suffer) / Questions And More Questions (schoolgirl bravado answered) / Boris In Wonderland (the model agent) / The Secretary And The Mistress (a compromising situation/photo fantasy) / Readers' Letters (addressing down) / Whispering Snowflakes (heart-warming winterscape/art).




Janus No: 58 £15

The American Spread-Eagle (dawson's virgins) / The Exhibitionist (double inside story/photo fantasy) / A Quixotic Gesture (a schoolgirl and her mother) / Caroline (a model's fantasy/photos) / New Girl (in a kangaroo court) / Readers' Letters (pain mail


Janus No: 59 £15

Double Incentive (catch 22 / photo fantasy) / Noreen: A Travelling-Man's Confession (reformatory inspector's obsession) / Little Miss Narcissist (the consequences of vanity/ photo exposition) / A Class of Her Own (school for thought) / Readers' Letters (writing wrongs)




 Janus No: 60 £15



Janus 1974 Reprints, Vol.5 No.6 £12

Sold Out

Sound and Fury/Heritage of Slavery in America/House of Fantasy/Uncle Henry Strikes Again/Spanking Dream Word/Behind the Camera:Secrets of Screen Spanking/Mandy:The Eternal Schoolgirl/A Striking Ritual/Blushing Bottoms/Mailbag/Miranda's Secrets/Commentary/Dateline:U.S.A./Collectors\Corner



Janus 1974 Correspondence Special £10

Husbands & Wives/Sons & Daughters/The Flatmates/Male & Miscellany/Nostalgia


Janus Vol. 4 No. 1 £15

Sold Out

That Old Black Magic/The Memoirs of Dolly Mason 5/The Voyeur/Are you Male or Female?/The Pick-Up-Girl Meets Boy/The Bells of Whipstock(cartoon/Sex on the Roads/Dear Editor


Janus Vol. 4 No.2 £15

The Mini Skirt and Beyond/The Virile Victorians/The Memoirs of Dolly Mason/The Bored housewife/"Why,oh Why!"/The Perils of Paula(cartoon)/:"Punishment?Me, Corporal?"Dear Editor


Janus Vol. 4 No. 3 £15

Christmas Party/Fetishism and Bondage in the Cinema/An Embarrassed Uncle/A Spanking Miscellany/The Perils of Paula/Sexual Humour/Dear Editor


Janus Vol 4. No. 4 £15

The Ball & The Slipper/Sue''s Story/Sexual Humour-Part 2/"Oh,Sergeant!"/"Emmanuelle" meets the "Night Porter"/The Perils of Paula/Letters 


Janus Vol.4 No.5 £15

Spanking in Spain/Change Partners/Red sex/On the Game U.S.A./Shoplefter Surprised/The Perils of Paula(cartoon)/Letters to the Editor


 Janus Vol.4 No.6 £15

Sold Out

Change Partners/She was Only a Librarian's Daughter/Is the Wench Willing?/The Strict Woman/Spanking in Spain II/Ther Perils of Paula (cartoon)/A Tumble in the Attic/Dear Editor


Janus Vol.4 No.7 £15

The Perfumes of Passion/Spanking In Poland/A Midnight Spanking/The Camel Whip/Change Patners/The Perils of Pauline (cartoon)/Parisian Frolics/Letters


 Janus Vol. 4 No. 8 £15

Janus Interview/Change Partner/The Gynaecologist/A Dream of Olwen/Spaking in Hugary/Northern Girls Take Some Breating/The Perils of Paula Cartoon/Letters


Janus Vol. 4 No. 9 £15

Postman's Progress/Randy for Rubber/Pluralism (change partners)/Letters to the Editor/The Perils of Paula/Collectors' Corner


Janus Vol.4 No.10 £15

International Spanking Survey The French Scene/So You Want to Spank Your Girl-friend/Janus Interview/A Distinct Lesbian Influence/Lust/Spanking Sisters/Letters to the Editor



Janus Vol. 4 No. 11 £15

International Spanking Survey The French Scene/Bondage for Pleasure/Dateline U.S.A./A Distinct Lesbian influence/Advice for the Advanced Spanker/Eighteen/The Penitentes/Letters to the Editor


JANUS VOL.4. NO.12 £15

Janus Interview/Dateline U.S.A./Bondage fr Peasure/Mantrap/Spanking in Germany/A Distinct Lesbian Influence/Cartoon/Dialogue/Letters

JANUS VOL.9. NO.10 £15

White Sheets and Red Bottoms/ Miranda's Column/ A Nice Piece of Discipline/. A Note for Benny/ Lois Loves Hannah/ Innocent Beyond Doubt/ Bottom Spanking Day/ Stroked With the Cane/ Office Discipline/Letters

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